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About Casey Callender

While Casey's primary focus is illustration, he began his career as a fine art photographer having shown his art in numerous galleries throughout the U.S. and in various fine art and photography publications.


Casey holds several degrees in studio art including an MFA in digital media and drawing. Along with his freelance work, he has been a full-time college professor teaching illustration and game development for nearly two decades.

As an experienced fine artist, illustrator, and educator, Casey has exhibited his illustrations across the U.S. and abroad. His limited edition art is currently represented by Hero Complex Gallery out of Los Angeles California.


Casey has also created licensed art for companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Dark Horse Comics, as well as having his work appear in numerous books and magazines.


Most of Casey's art is visualized through the lens of pop-culture, where he creates illustrations based off popular films, tv and video games.

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