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Do you take commissions?

- Casey does not currently accept commissions.

Will you sign a print if I send it to you?

- Due to the fragile nature of handling and shipping prints Casey does not accept art to be signed.

Will you review my portfolio?

- Unfortunately not at this time given Casey's busy day-to-day schedule.

I have a really cool project I'm working on but no budget to pay you (or I can pay you once the project makes money). There's a lot of buzz about this project and there will be a good deal of exposure, would you be willing to work for free? 

- No. Any such inquiries will be ignored. 

Do you sell on eBay?

- No. The only art of Casey's you will find on eBay is from flippers looking to profit off a resale. It's better to subscribe and follow Casey's newsletters to stay informed about his latest art drops and purchase directly from the gallery or print service where he sells his work.

My order was lost/damaged!

- While this is very unfortunate, Casey do not handle the printing or shipping of his art so you'll need to contact either the gallery or business his work is being sold from or possibly the handler of the shipment.

Can I suggest ideas or themes for prints? 

- Look under the 'UPDATES' portion of the website for occasional polls for art Casey may cover, allowing subscribers to vote on potential limited and open edition prints. Polls aren't a 100% guarantee a particular theme will be covered but they do carry a lot of weight, so let him know with your votes!

What type of limited edition prints do you offer? 

All of Casey's limited edition fine art giclée prints are individually numbered and typically printed on heavy-weight hot press museum quality paper. Once a limited edition print sells out on a particular substrate (paper, metal, canvas etc.) then that print will never again be offered on that particular substrate again. While incredibly rare, exceptions to this would be a potential design variant or re-worked image either offered concurrently or at a later date. Most open edition prints are only offered up on canvas or metal substrates.

Do you use AI image generators such as OpenAI or Midjourney for any of your art?

- No. While most of Casey's work is designed and painted digitally, he's not a proponent of AI in it's current, unregulated form. All of Casey's art is hand-drawn and digitally manipulated by him, no AI-based image generation tools are used in the process of creating any of his visuals. 

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